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Know About Al Mathkora

Vision and Mission

To give our customers aggressively evaluated quality date items, pressed inside our reality class office.

To make Al Mathkora Dates an easily recognized name that reliably offers focused costs, astounding items, and alluring bundling.

Brand Essence

The date fruit is regarded by numerous religions, as a gift to mankind given its immense nutritional benefits and ability to grow in the most inhospitable of climates. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Al Mathkora Dates make an ideal healthy snack keeping you energetic and healthy throughout the day. Our products guarantee quality, freshness and great taste.


Our story started in 26th April 1998 as a foodstuff import/send out office. Today, we are a market pioneer in the bundling and preparing of dates. Our reality class office is situated in Dubai Industrial City, and is the meaning of mechanical progression and robotization. We have devoted dates sorting, washing, and bundling lines and best in class date glue and date syrup generation lines. Our scope of bundling differs from mass 10kg free dates to 50g vacuum packs. Given our quickly developing processing plant measure and profoundly propelled innovation, we can take into account our individual customer's needs and prerequisites. One of our key qualities at Al Mathkora Dates is our ability to store more than 40,000 metric huge amounts of dates in our icy stores, empowering us to hold the freshness of our dates all through the season.