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Premium Date Syrup/Molasses
Premium Date Syrup/Molasses is a characteristic and exceptionally nutritious element for various nourishment and drink businesses. Our completely computerized date syrup/molasses creation line ensures a great item.

Kindly reach us for item particulars and particular enquires. Mercifully take note of that we additionally convey 25kg basins, 250kg or 280kg drums and 1,300kg IBC tanks for discount customers.

Date Syrup Uses

  • Flavorful Natural Sweetner for refreshments, vitality bars, infant nourishment and heated merchandise.
  • Upgraded seasoning for date drain, shakes, yoghurts, ketchup, BBQ sauces, different molasses and syrups.
  • Sound fixing for flapjacks, waffles, porridge and plates of mixed greens.
  • Sound contrasting option to business nectar and sugary syrup.
  • Well being related utilization, i.e. pregnancy, press inadequacy, jolt of energy.
  • Corrective use as face covers and hair covers.
  • Well being supplement, for example, vitality shots for competitors.
  • Exceedingly nutritious added substance for creature encourage.

Health Benefits

  • Examines show Date Syrup has antibacterial mixes more powerful than nectar.
  • Prescribed by specialists for pregnancy to straightforwardness work and post-conveyance recuperation.
  • Reinforces the safe framework and helps arrangement of new cells in the body.
  • High iron substance keeps up solid levels of hemoglobin, making it an ideal supplement for iron inadequacies.
  • High fiber content advances solid defecation, forestalling against stomach issue.
  • High substance of calcium and minerals, for example, phosphorus and Vitamin A reinforces bones and avoids osteoporosis.
  • Pectin content keeps the solidifying of courses.
  • Potassium content shields from neuro-maladies, for example, Alzheimer's.
  • Experimentally turned out to be valuable for expanding sexual stamina and lessening sterility caused by different sexual issue.